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TATTS.BY.BARBIANA is a young and talented self-taught Artist, that has a burning desire to be the best known tattoo artist that amsterdam has ever seen. she is described as fun and a lovable spirit. Her background is filled cosmetic art like PMU brows, hairline tattooing finishing her school in (Belgium). eventually led her on the road of becoming respected tattoo-artist in Trenchart. 

She is a full of life individual with a pure spirit. she finds passion in challenging herself, with trying different tattoo styles on a monthly basis. So be ready for some greatness with this tattoo artist who's on a mission 

“Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.”

BARBIANA is surprisingly good in understanding and working out what her clients truly want.. When asked what her personal motto would be, she replied:

“don't just count the years, make your years count.”




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