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TrenchArt fiscally began in 2015. After years of working separately in different sectors and industries all of us felt the urge to follow our own path and listen to the true artist inside. Later on Destiny brought us to together to create our very own Artbase called TRENCHART. Starting with Tattoos, Trenchart specialized in all skin types. Including people with darker skin. This is mainly because of the crew’s African heritage. Traditional Tattooshop were simply uninterested or not educated enough to work with darker canvasses.

We created TRENCHART with a clear vision. Our mission is to make tattoos, art and fashion accessible for everyone and to be known for putting Amsterdam on the map. We want to offer a platform that would require no degree or design experience. just raw talent/skills with some solid motivation. 

Today, we're proud to empower strong individuals and upcoming business owners. Everyone deserves a rich-full life, creating and crafting the future in witch they please. Together with TRENCHART we’ll make and create history together.

We are personally committed to delivering the very best. Everything, from customer support to product design and development, is provided by our dedicated (and artistic) team.

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