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KingTattz, is an all around tattoo-artist that has been in this industry since 2011! born and bred in Amsterdam, He is the CEO and founder of TrenchArt.

He has a background filled with

graphic design and visual art and led him on the road of becoming well-known and widely respected as the "sensei" teaching tattoo-artists in the Amsterdam scene for over a decade. 

His background is easily traceable to his work, as they are synergies of contrast, creativity and his own unique style. His striking style always tells you a story that you can carry with you forever. He has over a decade of experience in the tattoo business and has spent over 12.000 working hours creating beautiful art pieces for his clients. 

“My goal in life is to make TrenchArt the most outstanding tattoo-franchise in The Netherlands, Europe and eventually the world.”

King Tattz is creative, hardworking and passionate. In his free time, he is a real family man and enjoys playing chess. When asked what his personal motto would be, he simply replied:

“Just (f*cking) do it, stop doubting”






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