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Giliano is an all around tattoo-artist that has been in this industry for over 10 years! He is a true auto-didact and has been with TrenchArt since the start of the company.

Silver is surprisingly good in understanding and working out what his clients truly want.

From the bits and pieces of information he gets, he’s able to create detailed masterpieces time and time again.

As a tattoo artist, he finds passion in challenging himself to do better and pushing against any limitations. 

“I remind myself daily that I can do better and I find comfort in knowing there is always more to achieve. The moment you decide you’re content, you stop making progress.”

Being in the industry for such a long time also means he has done over tens of thousands of tattoos. At this point his ideal client would be someone with an unlimited budget, who knows and believes in his work and therefore gives him full creative freedom. Or anyone who is able to challenge him creatively. With Giliano, it’s all about unconventional and out-of-the-box art projects. Feel free to check his portfolio to get a feel of his work!

Get in Touch

Phonenumber : 0618939933

Email :

Giliano silver


9 maanden na de opening van de eerste tattooshop TRENCHART werdt het al snel tijd voor de volgende stap,

volg hun verhaal naar de uitbreiding naar een grotere locatie in de straat...









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